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What Are The 8 Most Common Pain Points Faced in Payroll Management?

Payroll processes involve heavy paperwork and each employee’s payslip is different case to case. With an unsurmountable list of factors to calculate for each payroll, be it sick leaves, overtime, tax deductions and so on, using an archaic method of manual paperwork and outdated software to handle such an intricate process is bound to slip up and result in many miscalculations and mistakes.
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The itemised payslip guide for employers in Singapore

These new start-ups, also known as HRM SaaS services, have found success in helping businesses meet the government’s new legislation requirements in a timely manner and they do not just stop there. They are reinventing the system using technological advancements to automate all things related to payslips and human resource management, making the process simple and easy for both employees and employers.
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