Free payroll software

USUAL PRICE: $70/mth
Get our powerful payroll software for FREE when you complete our UX survey
Free? What's the catch?
Every year, we spend a significant amount of money to improve the user experience and functionalities of our software.

But don't get us wrong, our software is really easy to use.

In fact, most of our customers have came from competitor software just because of our superior user experience and feature set.
"I still see new features and changes being introduced to improve the software. They are not stagnant like other legacy software which can be bad for compliance."

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Our software has improved so significantly that we even have to increased our prices early these year to match the industry rate.

This year we are taking a bet to double down on our user experience.

But what we have learnt over the past 4 years is that the best user experience lessons comes from each new customer we onboard.

So for this year, we have decided to pass on these UX expenses as cost-savings to our new customers.

Everybody wins.

P.S - this is not a "watered down" version of our software. You are getting the same powerful feature set as our paid customers.

Who can benefit from this offer?

Almost every business needs a payroll software
You do not have a payroll software in place yet
Your existing software doesn't excite you
The main reason we are doubling on user experience is because we believe in empowering your HR instead of going into a price war and offering inferior features.

Breaking up with your existing payroll software?

We will even migrate your data for you for free!

No need to worry about how your data is transferred, simply export the data from your existing software and we will upload it for you onto our system.

Who's eligible for this offer?

Registered Local Company
Equal or Less than 10 employees
 Not an existing customer

How do I get this offer?


Create a new account on Payboy with the form below

We will need you to try using our software to process your companies payroll.


Fill up our simple questionnaire after your trial ends

After you have used our software to generate your first payroll successfully, fill up our 2 minute survey form for us to gather feedback on your user experience.


Receive a special promo code in your mailbox that you can apply to your account to lock-in your free software

After we have received your survey, we will send a special promo-code to your email to apply to your Payboy account to make your subscription free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this offer run for?

Once we collect enough data to plan our tech roadmap for next year, we will stop this offer

How long will my subscription be free?

Your subscription will be free until you have more than 10 employees, subsequently you will be billed according to our standard rates

Does payboy integrate with accounting softwares?

Yes Payboy integrates with most banks and popular accounting softwares

What if I need other features?

Payboy is a full-suite HRMS, you can easily add-on any of our other features to your free plan without worrying about integration. The features are charged according to the standard modular pricing.

What if I have more than 10 employees right now?

Please send us an email for a special rate if you are interested in participating with more than 10 employees
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