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Do it all with Payboy
Pick and choose your perfect mix, and leave the rest to us!

Payroll Module

Complex payroll. Made simple.
No more late nights calculating payroll,
submitting IR8A/CPF, or keeping up
with new HR regulations.
Flexible payment arrangements
Transparent, accurate, simple
100% compliant with MOM, CPF
Board, IRAS
Plays well with other services such
as Xero, Financio, QuickBooks,
Zoho Books.
Why are you still calculating payroll manually?
Claim back your money. And your time.

Claims module

Claim easier. Faster. And with confidence.
No more losing claims, or losing sleep
over different claim policies from
different departments.
Paper-free submission
Customisable claim policies
Complete Audit Trail
Syncs with Xero/Financio

Leaves module

Give your team the rest they
deserve. (That includes you too.)
Keep track, apply and approve
everyone's leaves in one place. No
more missed emails and
One-stop solution
Updates shifts and payroll
Customisable leave policies
Leave your worries behind.
Time to leave timesheets in the past.

Attendance module

Just check in. And out.
Goodbye timesheets and timecards.
Just check in with our mobile app. And
check out.
Digital attendance tracking
Location-aware app
Syncs hours worked and overtime
with Payroll in real-time

Don't take our word for it, hear it from them!

  • For an SME like us, where we don’t have the luxury of hiring a headcount just for payroll, the time saved from doing manual CPF calculations alone is worth great value.
    Jayden Soh
    Motionsauce Pte Ltd
  • Using Payboy saves me hours each month having to manually track payroll (and worse, pay fines to the government). 

    It's easy to use, my staff rave about it and it's one of those things you never knew you needed until you start using it.
    Then you can't live without it after.
    Eugene Cheng
    Forbes30U30 2020
  • Payboy is an amazing HR Software that has saved me and my team lots of time in handling HR matters. 

    I use to spend an hour a month with the payroll and payboy shortened that to under 10 minutes!
    Ho Chang Jun
    Gram Pte Ltd

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Terms and Conditions
1. The Shift Scheduling module will be free for life, until the termination of your company's Payboy subscription.
2. In order to get an extra 6 months free subscription, you'll need to be subscribed to a minimum of one module for one year.
3. In order to get the free lifetime Shift Scheduling module, you'll need to be subscribed to the Payboy Annual Package for a year.
*Annual Package includes Payroll Processing, Leaves Management, Claims Management and Appraisal System modules
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