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You can receive up to 50% of the PSG Grant and get all of your HR and payroll tasks handled in minutes.

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Be stress-free with easy to use payroll software that will help you: Pay. Reimburse. Monitor. Assist.

You can mix and match your own combinations or ask Payboy support to create the ideal combination for you.
With Payboy you get:
Payroll Processing
Shift Scheduling
Leaves Management
Appraisal System
Claims Management
Inventory System
Employee Portal
Project Costing
Time Attendance
Training Management
Employee Benefit
Employee Records & Management
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Follow these easy steps to get the PSG grant application running:
Talk to Payboy specialist for a customised quote on your requirements and business size.
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After accepting the Letter of Offer, notify your Payboy representative about your invoice paid to Payboy.
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About Us

Are you Eligible for PSG?

  • Your company must be registered in Singapore and operating there.
  • You must have at least 30% local ownership, with a turnover of less than $100 million/ have fewer than 200 employees.
  • The purchased/subscribed IT solution must be used by customers in Singapore.

Which industries can benefit from PSG grant?

  • Food
  • Logistics
  • Construction material
  • Retail
  • Precision Engineering
  • Landscaping

How long does the PSG Grant last?

Companies implementing PSG solutions can get grants of up to S$30,000 per fiscal year from ESG. The yearly grant limit for companies will be reset at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Starting on April 1, 2023, the PSG Grant will offer up to 50% funding to assist these businesses prosper.

Are there any other grants available?

Through the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), an employer who invests in their employees' skill development can get a one-time credit of $10,000 that can cover up to 90% of the costs.