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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the presidential offer last?

This offer is for a lifetime as long as you do not cancel your Payboy account or exceed 10 employee counts.

I have more than 10 employees, what do I do?

You are not entitled to the presidential offer. However you may write in to us for a special deal if you are willing to complete our survey

I am an existing customer of Payboy

This offer is only for new customers. For existing customers, you may write in to complete the survey and we will give you a special promo code to try other modules.

What happens after I exceed 10 employees?

You will be billed only for the extra employees that you have used for the module.

For example if you have 11 employees this month, you will be billed ( 11 - 10 ) = 1 employee count for this month.

Why did you create this offer?

Every year, we spend a huge amount of user research to create a better software for our customers.

However what we have found is the greatest improvements come when we on-boarding new customers with different usage.

Thus it is sensible to pass on this user experience cost-savings to you as long as you can provide us with feedback to improve your experience.

I have an existing software, what do you suggest?

We will provide free migration of your data if you decide to purchase any other module on top of your free module.

This helps us to cover our data-migration cost.
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