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Employee Scheduling Features at a glance
Self-service shift selection
Support complex shift structures
Show Staff availability 
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Robust employee scheduling for multiple outlets

Reduce unnecessary man-hours on scheduling so you have more time for things that matter

Self-service shift bidding

Create and publish shifts that your employees can choose from, giving them the flexibility of working around their own schedule.

This hands-off approach frees up your time so you can focus on running your business.

Accommodate any shift planning structure

From Multiple branches/outlets, Recurring shifts, Role-based shifts, shifts by skill level, Payboy can accommodate any shift structure to support your manpower allocation strategy.

Know staff availability

Empower your team with the freedom to indicate their availability through their personalized portal, so that upcoming rosters could be scheduled easily with our employee scheduling software.

Effective shifts communication

On-site Managers or HQ admins can broadcast shifts to staff and publish finalized rosters via the Payboy app

Employees can also notify the on-site managers or HQ admin on changes of availability without going through the hassle.

Schedule employees for multiple branches in a breeze

Our employee scheduling software scales with your business

Self Service or Manual Scheduling

Suits any shift scheduling strategy
Allow managers to manually schedule employees 

Effective shift communication

Make sure everyone is on the same page to avoid no-shows
Only publish finalised shifts schedule
Notify all employees when shift is published
Notify all employees when shift is changed

Helps you plan better shifts

Optimise each outlet with the right mix of manpower for better operations
Creates any type of shift schedule you need, recurring or not. You can even create unique ones for each day.
Support multiple branch shift scheduling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Payboy support multiple branch shift planning?

Yes, our shift scheduling module allows you to schedule employee shifts across multiple location.

What are the labels used for?

This is where Payboy Employee Scheduling Software is more than reducing man-hours.

We help you improve operations by helping you optimise the right employees for the right roles.

Every employee has their strengths and weaknesses, you can easily label employees who are suited for specific roles to allow smooth operations when planning your schedules. 

New managers will be able to know what an employee is good at as everything is stored on the system.

If it's self service, can my manager still manually edit the shift?

Yes, all shift still have to be manually approved by managers. Our self-service function only allows employees to indicate interest or availability, Managers can still manually edit and publish the final shifts.

How many outlets can I use this on?

Our pricing scales with the number of employees you have. Feel free to use our software on as many outlets are you need to.

My Shift Structure varies daily, can I use this?

Yes, we support very complex shift structures.
You can even set unique structures for each day.
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