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Saves 80% of time wasted processing payroll with our automated software
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Caters to Full-timers, Part-timers and Freelancers
Integrate with popular banks and accounting software
Fully compliant with latest MOM regulations
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Payboy's LIGHTNING FAST payroll management saves 80% of time wasted processing payroll

We do it while being 100% accurate

Your workforce is always changing but Payboy Payroll can be your constant

Our software is compatible with all kinds of work arrangement to provide you with greater agility you to adapt to business conditions
Full Timers
Automatic calculation of CPF and Self Help Group (SHG) contribution based on employee's unique requirements.
Part Timers
Calculate Part-timer CPF down to the minute
Exclude CPF for independent contractors
Contract Staff
Create different payment period or pay cycles based on the contract obligations of your staff

Our Payroll integration works well with Accounting Softwares, Tax bodies & Banks 

Our payroll system works great with accounting softwares such as Xero and QuickBooks.

We are also fully integrated with CPF, IRAS AIS and multiple Singapore and overseas banks.

You can push all payroll information to the relevant bodies with just one click.

"Don't waste time uploading all your information only
to notice you are missing one important feature in your payroll process"

"I wasted months trying out various cheaper payroll 
softwares and even the free stuff ( Not well maintained ) only to arrive at Payboy. 

When it comes to your Payroll software, you should not only look 
for feature-rich as a criteria but feature-deep so you don't waste time uploading all your employee information only
to notice you are missing one important feature

While I can't say they have every feature you need,
I can confidently say the chances are better when you start with Payboy's payroll software module."
Gary lim
Managing Director, Foxfire Marketing

Payroll Features

Don't worry about missing any features, we have everything covered in our software

Fully compliant payroll

Never ever pay a fine because of late submission or errors in payroll processing
Automatic CPF Contribution Calculation (Employee vs Employer, PR vs Singaporean)
Contributions to Self-Help Groups (CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF, etc)
Levies Included (Skills Development, Foreign Workers, etc)
IRAS approved Payroll Software Vendor for AIS submissions ( to submit IR8A)
Our intuitive user interface makes sure you never miss out on any of the above

Fully Customisable payroll

Suit any organisational's payroll and work structure
Customizable itemised payslips that are compliant
Automatic adjustments for a variety of situations (mid-month hires and resignations, unpaid leaves, etc.)
Customizable schedule for payroll processing
Full range of pay items (addition, deduction, reimbursement, overtime, etc)
Import ad hoc payments through spreadsheets
Detailed reports for payroll summaries
You can even customised your reports to show key figures and draw insights for your presentations

Fully integrated payroll

Save time not only in Payroll but other important accounting matters
Banks (Bank files for DBS, UOB, OCBC, etc)
CPF Board (CPF e-Submit)
IRAS (Auto-Inclusion Scheme)
Xero - Popular accounting Software
QuickBooks - Popular accounting Software
Financio - Popular accounting Software
We are integrated with the most common third-party softwares in the industry

Find out why these companies love our effective payroll software

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the software that Payboy is integrated with?

Our payroll software is integrated with popular accounting softwares like Xero and Quickbooks.

How is Payboy’s payroll linked to the bank for direct transfer?

A bank file can be generated from our payroll module and uploaded to the respective bank that your company has for payment.

Is payroll integrated to other Payboy Modules?

Yes all software modules from Payboy is integrated to Payroll so you can process payroll without ease. 

This is better than using different softwares for different functions and having to manually key in entries into your payroll system.

I have an existing software and I want to switch over to Payboy, what happens to my data?

We can help you migrate your data securely onto our software system.

What is the tax bodies Payboy is integrated with?

Payboy is compliant and integrated with government agencies like CPF and IRAS AIS.

What banks are Payboy compatible with?

We are compatible with DBS, OCBC, UOB and Maybank

Can I access my payslip from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! Payboy software is accessible from any web-enabled device. Alternatively, you can download the Payboy app to access the data on-the-go.

Are the bank files downloaded compatible with FAST transfer?

The bank files are only compatible with Giro.

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