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Hello I am Payboy

Here is more about me apart for the software and features, meet the real people behind this solution

Here are the little gnomes who work tireless behind the scenes to make our solution work flawlessly to solve your HR needs

The Payboy team who grew from just 4 hopeful individuals to a team of 20 through delighting our customers daily

We are also highly involved in the HR Space to make sure our product is updated, you can spot a Payboy on the floor or on the stage at most HR related events

We don't only stay relevant, we stay ahead of the upcoming business and payroll trends
The payboy events team at Zomworks by SPH on how to manage freelance labour
Our paygirl Mabel, giving a talk on the latest HR trends and how solutions can enable businesses to tap on this trends
Our founder Nigel giving a talk on best HR practices to a crowd of
We even welcomed a lovely guest to our booth, it was a really humbling experience

We use our own solution as well!
Payboy HRMS gives us more time to create a great culture

What better way to back up a claim than to use our own hr software and see how it positively affects our workplace culture.
Our Payboys at our Annual Headhunter cup, a soccer tournament for HR professionals
And our clients had fun winning as well :)
Our founder Nigel losing a match of Marvel VS Capcom to our Developer Brandon
That's about it, our story is so simple it translate to the simplicity of use of our product as well.

Payboy is really easy to use and it is hard to believe we are 
Full-bodied HRMS.

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