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Digital Claims Management software

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Manage your claims, paper-free
Claims Management Features at a glance
On-demand digital claims submission and approval
Flexible claim policies
Support foreign claims
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Paper-free claims management

Simply a smarter way to implement your claims strategy

Tidy, Mess-free Claims management

Tired of losing receipts and having claims that don't match?

With Payboy's claims management system. Everything is stored safely in our cloud application and accessible anytime.

Online Receipt Attachments

Your employees can submit claims for their expenses from anywhere in under a minute using our web portal or mobile app. 

Just simply snap and submit!

Flexible Claim Policies

Need flexibility with your claim policies? 

Our claims management system allows you to create different claim policies for different staff tiers. 

You can customise the allowed reimbursement types and limits in any way imaginable.

Manage your claims with precision

Flexible to suit any claims strategy with prudent accountability

Supports Foreign Claims

Supporting a global HR process
Foreign currency accepted for claims
Allow exchange rate proof to be attached for claims
Your mobile workforce can now focus on bringing you overseas business without any worry of claims or expenses

Set Claims Rules

Manage your claims expenses with precision and accountability
Set cut-off dates for claims to be sent every month
Set different claim categories for employees to claim from
Set form fields for employees to justify claims on submission
Set maximum claim amounts for each receipt or by category
Set maximum claim amounts by day,week,month, financial year, calendar year 
Set maximum claim amount by position
You can even customised your reports to show key figures and draw insights for your presentations

Flexible Claim Procedures

Support any benefits or approval strategy you have
Employees submit claims via our HR mobile app
Co-payment of claims available by fixed amount or percentage
Set approval limits by claim value for each manager by position
Allow employees to submit claims for expenses made by corporate card
Approve claims on the go via mobile app
Generate customisable claim reports for finance reports or to check fraudulent claims
Allow your employees to purchase with maximum efficiency and allow you to track every claim with maximum accuracy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make claims payment to my staff?

This can be done by generating payroll, and the claims will be auto-populated.

Can I create different claims for different events?

Yes! The Claim Group is meant for grouping multiple claims for trips or events so that it will allow both managers and employees to have better clarity of which trip or event that the claim is for.

Is this integrated with payroll?

Yes, all Payboy modules are integrated with our own payroll module. Claims will be automatically populated in generated payroll once it is approved by respective managers

Are we able to have a unique claim policies for each employee?

Definitely! Our claims management system allows you to create different claim policies for different staff tiers. 

You can customize the allowed reimbursement types and limits in any way imaginable.

Are we able to submit attachments for claims?

Yes! Our system allows you to attach supporting documents required for the claims.

Can I submit claims for overseas expenditure?

Yes, Payboy is built for international companies. We supports claims in foreign currency.

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