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Attendance Tracking Software

Do you have frequent late-comers that you don't even know about? Find out with our employee attendance tracking system.
Attendance tracking Features at a glance
Fool-proof authentication
Track through any device
Integrated with payroll
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Goodbye time sheets, hello digital time tracking

You can now track employee attendance remotely from anywhere

Foolproof Authentication of attendance

Afraid of buddy punching or manipulation of time logs? 

Worry no more.

Our location-aware time tracking app ensures that each scan-in or out is done at the workplace by the specific individual. 

Track attendance through any Device

Let your employees submit their timesheets electronically, and save yourself the hassle of data entry.

Employees can clock-in & out through:
• Payboy mobile app
• Payboy web portal
• Fingerprint device
• Any 3rd party digital tracking hardware such as door access scanners and facial recognition devices.

Upload existing timesheets in Excel

Our time attendance system allows uploading of timesheets through any Excel sheet or CSV file.

No mandatory template to follow! Just import your existing attendance data into our system, and Payboy HR will handle the rest.

Real-time Integration with Payroll

Time attendance is integrated directly into your payroll for accurate payslips on every payment cycle!

Our advanced calculation engine computes worked hours and overtime from the attendance tracking system in real-time.

Support a culture of punctuality

In-depth features for any levels of corporate punctuality.

Foolproof Authentication

Track any latecomers or buddy punchers
Two-factor Authentication via GPS of employee's phone or Photo-cloud 
3rd party integration with attendance tracking hardware *Subjected to compatibility

Maximum Accountability

Allow employees and managers to be accountable for themselves
Allow employees to submit time sheets through web portal for approval
Allow attendance to be integrated directly into payroll
Allow managers to approve timesheets before payroll calculation
Support tracking for multiple branches

Flexible tracking for all situations

Workload can be unpredictable but your attendance tracking can be predictable
Managers can create timesheets for employees
Managers can generate attendance reports
Determine what's the minimum amount of time your employees must work before it can be counted towards paid time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my employee that is at a different location?

This is indeed one of our main features. Find out more about the features in our time attendance module page!

Will Payboy be able to track if my employee at a specific location?

Our location-aware time tracker app can ensure that each scan-in or out is done at the specific location that the employee is supposed to be at. In fact, each attendance tracking strategy come with safeguards and controls to make ensure you always capture your employees' actual hours with stunning accuracy.

How many outlets can I use this on?

Our pricing scales with the number of employees you have. Feel free to use our software on as many outlets are you need to.

Is this integrated with payroll?

Yes, all Payboy modules are integrated with our own payroll module. The hours that your employee has clocked-in and out will be automatically calculated in his or her salary.

How does payboy track employee locations on mobile?

Using AI, our software is able to track if an employee is in your office by surveying the environment in the photograph sent by your employee through his or her mobile phone.

Do you provide fingerprint or biometric hardware?

Yes, these hardwares are available as an add-on upon request. Please contact us if you require a hardware based system

Does payboy time attendance work with my existing time attendance device?

While our software works with most recent devices, we advise you to send an email to us to verify if your device model is recent enough to install our software.

My employees clock in at different timing, can this work for all of them?

Yes, you can set the specific time to clock-in for specific roles and even different branches.

Track your employees attendance digitally today

Biometric system are available as an add-on
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