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 Payroll Module
Leaves Module
Claims Module
Employee Hub Module
Customisable Reports


Everything in CORE
+ Attendance Tracking Module
+ Shift Scheduling Module

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Payroll Module
Leaves Module
Claims Module
Employee Hub Module
Customisable Reports


Everything in CORE
+ Attendance Tracking Module
+ Shift Scheduling Module

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Payroll Module

Our payroll module keeps your compliant while you focus on growing your company

Leaves Module

How do you keep track of the leaves taken by your employees? Use our leaves module to do just that!

Claims Module

Still handling messy receipts? Are your employees over claiming without justification? Our claims module solves that!

Shift Scheduling

Managing multiple shifts can be tough. Our shift scheduling module allows employees to indicate availability and give you insights for easier shift planning!

Time attendance module

How many man-hours are lost everyday because of late attendance? 

Our fool-proof time attendance module can save those hours back!

Employee Hub

 A secure database for you to store sensitive employee information and for employees to Self-service on HR matters
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Frequently asked

Payment & Billing

When and how will I be charged?

You will only be charged for each active employee that we have locked in for the month. If you have employees who have left during the period, you will not be billed.

How do I make payment?

You can make payment via debit or credit card which will be automatically billed for the period you choose. For modular pricing, please contact our consultants for more details.

Is there a contract period?

No, you can cancel anytime during your monthly subscription. For annual subscriptions, your subscription will be reverted to a monthly subscription and you will be billed the difference

How much does Payboy cost?

We offer 2 different plans so you can choose the one that’s right for you. All prices are based on active employee headcount

Can I speak to a live person?

Definitely! When you call or chat with us via Intercom, our friendly and experienced teammates are here to help!

Employee Hub

What’s included in employee accounts?

Employees get access to their Payboy account to access the functions that they have access to. They can also check their payslips using the app and update their personal info in the account.

Is my employee's data safe?

Yes, we take great measure for the security of the information we store.
You may even notice our stricter password combination requirement when you signup

How does self-onboarding work?

When you add a new employee, you can just enter some basic info like their name, salary, and email, and then invite them to self-onboard and Payboy will send them an email. All the data are safely stored in Payboy and organized for easy reference.

Can we onboard staff even if they don't accept the email invitation?

Yes! With Admin rights, you decide what kind of access to give to different admins.

Can my employees view sensitive data?

We understand privacy is a main concern. We have different levels of privacy preset to ensure that employees will never see sensitive hiring information in your company.

Payroll Module

What are the distinct features of your payroll software that makes it stand out from other payroll software?

Definitely can't describe in just a sentence or two. Speak to us and we will be happy to share it!

What are all the things I can do with Payboy’s payroll feature?

There are so many things you can do, for further information visit our payroll module page

What is the software that Payboy is integrated with?

We integrate with popular accounting software like Quickbooks and Xero.

Can I access my payslip from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes! Payboy is accessible from any web-enabled device. Alternatively, you can download the Payboy app to access the data on-the-go.

How is Payboy’s payroll linked to the bank for direct transfer?

A bank file can be generated from it and uploaded to the respective bank that your company has for payment.

Are the bank files downloaded compatible with FAST transfer?

The bank files are only compatible with Giro.

Can you help me switch system providers?

We will be happy to hear you out on this. Speak to us to find out more about how we can import all of your data securely into Payboy.

Is Payboy’s Payroll compliant with the government’s regulation?

Payboy is compliant and integrated with government agencies like CPF and IRAS AIS

Leaves Module

Is Payboy compliant with the government’s leaves regulations?

All of Singapore’s government mandated leaves (such as Childcare Leave) come pre-set in Payboy’s leave management system. The default MOM required leaves in the system will also be updated automatically,

Are we able to customise the different types of leaves our company has in Payboy?

Definitely! Our leaves features allow you to customise the leave entitlements in your company accordingly.

Are we able to submit attachments for certain leave types?

Yes! Our system allows the submission of medical certificates and other required supporting documents.

Are we able to apply leaves using the mobile app?

Gone are the days when you can only apply leaves through the web. Payboy allows you to apply leaves on the go using our app!

Claims Module

How do I make claims payment to my staff?

This can be done by generating payroll, and the claims will be auto-populated.

What’s the distinctive function of the claim groups feature?

The Claim Group is meant for grouping multiple claims for trips or events so that it will allow both managers and employees to have better clarity of which trip or event that the claim is for.

Are we able to have our own claim policies while using Payboy?

Definitely! Our claims management system allows you to create different claim policies for different staff tiers. You can customize the allowed reimbursement types and limits in any way imaginable.

Are we able to submit attachments for claims?

Yes! Our system allows you to attach supporting documents required for the claims.

Time attendance Module

Will Payboy be able to track the time and attendance of my employee who is not based at the same location as me?

This is indeed one of our main features. Find out more about the features in our time attendance module page!

Will Payboy be able to track if my employee did turn up for work at a specific location?

Our location-aware time tracker app can ensure that each scan-in or out is done at the specific location that the employee is supposed to be at. In fact, each attendance tracking strategy come with safeguards and controls to make ensure you always capture your employees' actual hours with stunning accuracy.

What is photocloud tracking?

Using AI, our software is able to track if an employee is in your office by surveying the environment in the photograph sent by your employee.

Does it come with a tracking hardware?

3rd party tracking hardware are not provided with your subscription. We do however supply a fingerprint tracking device at a price while stocks are available

Shift Scheduling Module

Does Payboy support multiple branch shift planning?

Yes, our shift scheduling module allows you to schedule shifts across multiple location

If it's self service, can my manager still manually edit the shift?

Yes, all shift still have to be manually approved by managers. Our self-service function only allows employees to indicate interest or availability, Managers can still manually edit and publish the final shifts.

What are the labels used for?

Every employee has their strengths and weaknesses, you can easily label employees who are suited for specific roles to allow smooth operations when planning your schedules. No longer will managers have to remember what an employee is good at as everything is stored on the system.
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