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Career Conversion Programme (CCP) guide for employers in Singapore

Learn the benefits of CCP and find out more about eligibility criteria, funding support, and application details to reskill your workforce and boost your business!
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Sabbatical leave guide for employers in Singapore

Explore sabbatical leave in Singapore through our comprehensive guide. Gain insights into its essence and implementation, fostering employee well-being and satisfaction.
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Ex-gratia payment guide in Singapore

Discover everything you need to know about ex-gratia payments in Singapore with our comprehensive guide.
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Payboy Stories: Good Job Creations leverages Payboy HR solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency

Joshua Woo, General Manager at Good Job Creations, discusses the challenges they faced before adopting Payboy, demonstrating how HR software can benefit SMEs.
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Backdated pay guide for employers in Singapore

Discover the ins and outs of backdated pay in Singapore. From understanding its definition to navigating CPF contributions, we cover it all.
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Benefits-in-Kind (BIK) guide for employers in Singapore

Discover the Benefits-in-Kind (BIK) with our guide tailored for Singaporean employers. Navigate tax implications, leverage BIK for talent retention, and explore reporting obligations.
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Singapore minimum wage guide for employers

Learn about minimum wages in Singapore, their impact on businesses, and key requirements for different work passes
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Absentee payroll funding guide for employers in Singapore

Explore absentee payroll funding in Singapore and how it helps SMEs develop a skilled and adaptable workforce without financial constraints.
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Probation period: A guide for employers in Singapore

Unlock the essentials of navigating the probation period in Singapore. Our comprehensive guide covers key questions and best practices for employers!
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How to be an effective HR business partner?

Unlock the secrets to becoming an effective HR Business Partner! Explore key responsibilities, strategic insights, and the role of technology in shaping success.
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