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E-interview submission form


Please use the video recorder below to record your response:

You can find the interview questions in the link provided below the interview timer.

Please answer the questions in no longer than 20 minutes and remember to playback and check if your submission is recorded properly.

It looks like you are on a mobile device.

Please use the "Desktop Site" mode on your browser and refresh this page so that the video recording button appears.
Important note

Please make sure to enable permission on your browser for screen/video recording.

The volume will also be indicated by the microphone icon on the screen recorder.

Please do not request edit access for the E-interview, you are expected to answer the questions via the video recorder.
Click here for interview questions
Instructions on how to use video recorder
Step 1. Before recording, please make sure that the recording icon and sound icon is green as above, if not you may use another device such as your mobile phone to record )
Step 2. Click the record button on to start recording, countdown will start.
Step 3. Click the stop button to stop recording and click skip to start processing the video.
Step 4. Wait for the video to be processed and play it back to see if the audio is working, you may redo it at this point if you need to or submit the form if you are satisfied with it.
Step 5. Click the submit E-interview button to complete your submission.