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Book your Interview

Please choose the correct Personnel/Interviewer for your role, you should find it in the booking email.

Your interview will be forfeited if you choose the wrong personnel.
Use the form to book an interview, please book an interview within one week from your invitation to this interview.
This is a LIVE interview session with the department interview via a Zoom video call. 

Please make sure you have good internet connection, your microphone is working and you are camera ready for this interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software is used for the interview?

You will be sent a Zoom link via email, if you face any technical difficulties with Zoom, please email your interview and use the Google Meets conferencing link in the calendar invite instead.

What if I book the interview after the one week deadline?

To be fair to other candidates, your interview session will be cancelled as we will wrap up the interview process for the role.