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Customisable leave management software

Give your employees the time off they deserve with customised leaves
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Digital Application and Approval
Submit supporting document online
Fully customisable leave types
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Empower your e-leave strategy

Our software caters to almost any type of leave customisation strategy you need.
Set specific quotas for specific roles, even create a "unique" company holiday "for your team"

Leave application made digital

Applying for leaves is a fuss-free experience with our convenient web portal and mobile application. 

Your employees can now check their leave balance, apply and get approval on-the-go!

Attach supporting documents with a snap

Our e-Leave system makes it easy for your employees to submit medical certificates and other supporting documents.

Documents are stored and you can cross-check their various time-offs at a later date.

Syncs with your calendar

Account for your employees whereabouts easily.

Our leave calendar syncs with your business calendar so you can access all employee availability from your calendar.

Customise your leave types

You can create as many types of time-off as per what your company’s benefits program offers.

You can also choose how long your employee must have worked before they are entitled to their leaves.

 Lastly, also set what happens to leftover leaves once the work year has ended.

In-depth e-leave software features

Payboy's e-leave system has greater flexibility than what the average company needs.

Flexible Flawless Execution

Reward anyone, anytime
Give Off-in-lieus or paid leaves whenever you need
Allow employees to encash leftover annual leaves
Allow employees to attach any kind of supporting document ( Jpg, PDF )
Automatically accounted for in payroll for ad-hoc leaves given
Give your employees a break anytime without worrying about messy payroll calculations

Fully Customisable

Create special celebrations unique to your company's culture
Create any kind of leave types unique to your company
Generate customisable reports according to leave types
Customise employee's leave privacy controls to make sure colleagues are automatically updated
You can even customise your reports to show key figures and draw insights for your benefits strategy

Guided Templates

While we are fully customisable, we also take care of the essentials
Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Child care Leave
Sick/Hospitalisation Leave
Reservist Leave
Infant care Leave
We cater for every type of leaves that are compliant with MOM Guidelines to ensure you don't miss out anything

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Payboy compliant with the government’s leaves regulations?

All of Singapore’s government mandated leaves (such as Childcare Leave) come pre-set in Payboy’s leave management system. The default MOM required leaves in the system will also be updated automatically,

Are we able to submit attachments for certain leave types?


Our system allows the submission of medical certificates and other required supporting documents.

Is this integrated with payroll?

Yes, all Payboy modules are integrated with our own payroll software. Unpaid leaves will be automatically calculated when payroll is generated.

Are we able to customise the different types of leaves our company has in Payboy?


Our leaves features allow you to customise the leave entitlements in your company accordingly.

Are we able to apply and approve leaves using the mobile app?

Gone are the days when you can only apply leaves through the web. Payboy allows you to apply and approve leaves on the go using our app!

Can I set what happens to unused leaves?

Yes, there are options to decide whether you want to encash unused leaves, bring it forward to the next year or forfeit leaves depending on your leaves strategy.

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