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Referral Program

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Refer your friends or clients
to Payboy and get rewarded with
$100 worth of vouchers
Maximise your subsidy and grow your business before it's too late!
Referral Form

Referrer Details

Referee Details

T&C apply*
Welcome to our referral program!
Here's how it works:
Step 1: You fill out the form with both your contact details and your Referee's contact details.
Step 2: We’ll contact you shortly to validate the contacts.
Step 3: Your friend or client finishes a demo call and makes a purchase with our Account Executives.
Step 4: You receive S$100 worth of Grab Vouchers for every deal closed.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Referrer must be an existing user of Payboy software.
2. Any Referrer and Referee with incorrect or invalid details will get disqualified.
For each successful referral, the Referrer will receive S$100 worth of vouchers. The reward goes as follows:
The first S$50 Grab Voucher will be disbursed to the Referrer - For every Referee who completed a
demo with our Account Executive.
The Referee needs to be a HR representative/Owner of a company.
The remaining S$50 Grab Voucher for the Referrer - For every deal closed from the Referee.
The voucher can only be rewarded when there is a deal closed.
Our Account Executives will send out the Grab Vouchers to the Referrer's registered contact details.
The Referrer will receive each S$50 worth of Grab Voucher within 5 working days after the conditions are met.