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Having a wide variety of healthcare benefits as an SME might be tough, so we’ve decided to help out with that!
Payboy Benefit offers a wide range of options to take care of your team’s well-being.

A Better
Wellbeing For Your Employees

The pandemic revealed how much we actually need to take care of our health and mental wellbeing. If you are pondering which wellbeing services you should subscribe to for your employees, look no further.

Our list of partners can cater to your different needs of physical, mental and emotional well-being. You can access these services at discounted prices.

Health  is wealth.

Being healthy, fit, and happy is one of the most important things in life, but not everyone knows how to achieve it. We can help you take care of one of your most valuable assets- your employees.

We partner with various healthcare and medical service providers to ensure convenient and inclusive healthcare benefits just for you and your employees.

benefits at your

No time to look at all the choices one by one? We carefully choose and curate a list of healthcare providers for you, ranging from general practitioners, TCM, fitness, and many more. So you can provide MNC-level healthcare benefits with a discounted rate, all accessible right at your fingertip.

Prevention is
better than cure

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is always good to focus on maintaining basic health aspects, such as diet, exercise and sleep which can bring positive effects on wellbeing.

With our list of gym and workout classes’ providers, you can provide a wide range of healthcare benefits to ensure your employees’ wellness.
GP Partners
TCM Partners
Dental Partners
Fitness Partners

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How much is Payboy Benefit and how do I sign up?

Payboy Benefit is free for all Payboy customers and you can activate it for your company under Settings > Integrations > Enable

Are offers listed on Payboy Benefit transferable?

Look out for the tag “Family-inclusive” on our partners for deals applicable for yourself and your friends and family. The Payboy account holder will need to be present at the point of billing.

Can my family members use a screenshot?

Screenshots will not be accepted, and our partners reserves the right to reject

Why are there so few family-inclusive deals?

Payboy has different agreements with different partners, and respect our partners decision on the inclusion of benefits for friends and family.


What benefits will there be in the future?

Look out for exciting F&B and Retail benefits that will be available in the near future! If you are a F&B or Retail business owner (or any B2C business in general), reach out to us at for a listing discussion!

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