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Try our free Covid Safe+ module to track ART results easily!

The changing restrictions hasn’t made it easy, especially if you need to track ART tests or manage visitors for your premises. We’ve got your back with a free Covid Safe+ Management module to track Antigen Rapid Test (ART) results! Which sectors are required to comply with the Fast and Easy Testing - Rostered Routine Testing […]

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Payboy on National Day Rally 2021

Here are some key highlights from the National Day Rally which we find meaningful to share with business owners and customers: Supporting lower-wage workers What is the Workfare Income Supplement Scheme? What is the Progressive Wage Model (PWM)? Will the Progressive Wage Model be extended to more sectors? What is the floor wage for all […]

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5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About SDL (Skills Development Levy)

1. What is SDL? In its simplest terms, the Skills Development Levy is a levy imposed by the Singaporean Government to create a source of funding for grants applied by employers to upgrade their employees under the national Continuing Education and Training system. Singapore’s Skillsfuture SG initiative was created to improve and leverage on the […]

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