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Find out why businesses are switching to payboy
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Singapore's leading 
HR Software at 80% Off

Limited time offer

Find out why fast growing businesses are switching to Payboy HR for their 
HRMS and payroll needs.

Clients vote BIG for Payboy as the BEST HRMS System

Here is why businesses choose our HR software over our competitors

Pay for only what you need

Your business is unique.

You may not even need all the features in a full service payroll software.

With Payboy, you can pick only what you need without being locked into  packages with intelligently designed modules that you don't need.

Scalable to 1,000,000

You want your software to withstand the test of time without you switching from vendor to vendor and incurring high switching costs when you inevitably grow.

Payboy can stay with you till your millionth headcount, our proprietary software architecture can withstand aggressive growth worthy of your ambitions.

Think ahead and choose an IT infrastructure that can scale with your ambitions.

Easy to use

Most of our clients come from the dissatisfaction with other "User friendly" Payroll softwares out there.

Payboy is so easy to use that we are giving a 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your experience.

Skip the trouble and frustrations of spending full-days learning how to use another software, use Payboy
System is easy to use

Easy to use system  

We shrink complex HR workflow into simple clicks.

In fact Payboy HRMS is so easy to use, most of our customers come from our competitors.

We put our money where our mouth is.

We are giving a 60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our hr software.

Payboy is scalable to 1,000,000

Payboy can stay with you till your millionth headcount, our scalable software architecture can withstand aggressive growth worthy of your ambitions.

Most importantly, you don't have to bear the unforeseen switching cost and time loss when growing your company if you use are using a free HR product.

Think ahead, Use Payboy!
super scalabe hrms
Modular hr features

Pay for only what you need       

If you are a growing small to medium size company and you don’t need all the features in a full suite human resource management system. 

With our Payboy full HR Software Suite, you can choose only what you need without being locked into HR software packages you don't want.

Deeper features than competing HR software Singapore

Payboy is literally the only HR software you will ever need from simple to complex processes
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Using Payboy feels like X'mas
Hear why businesses like yours love Payboy HR software!

Chang Jun


The customer service rocks!

The Payboy staff are very professional and quick at answering all my queries. They are dedicated to making such my problems are completely solved before closing the case.
Sometimes, they even notify me of the hiccups that I have made. Now that’s good customer service.

Using Payboy feels like Christmas!


• Very fast customer service

• Good initiative to inform you that you have made errors in calculation

Shaun Leong

Surge group

My service crew has never been happier!

Running a restaurant can be busy and chaotic but using payboy has given me the borrowed time to focus on my operations and employees.

Don’t see them as just a payroll software, saving time can help you in other areas of your business.

I would have saved a few white hairs if I had started earlier with Payboy.


• Gives you more time to focus on the things that matter in business

• Say goodbye to unnecessary HR problems and stress

• Gives you better hair ;)



I've been a Payboy user for two year now, and I am still impressed!

Their after sales service is impressive. I still see new features and changes being introduced to improve the software. They are not stagnant like other legacy software which can be bad for compliance.


• Constantly updated with new features

• Not stagnant like legacy software which is bad for staying compliant with MOM regulations

HR Software Features

Pay only for the functions that matter to you

HR software comes with payroll

Payroll Software

Three clicks to generate payroll

Generating 100% itemised payslip has never been quicker and more accurate.
Manage your leaves with our HR system

Leaves Management Software

Create literally any kind of leaves you need - No rigid templates to follow

Give each employee the break that they truly deserve. 
Manage your claims on this software

Claims Management Software

Employees snap and submit their own claims for your approval online or via our app.

Accurate reports to show who is over-claiming and other key data to manage expenses
HRMS includes attendance tracking

Attendance tracking Software

Leave late comers speechless when you show them proof.

Monitor your employees attendance even while you are out of office
HRMS includes employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding Software

An Ultra-secure database on the cloud to store employee's sensitive information.

Employees can also have self-service access to their Information anywhere via our Mobile app
Automate your HR in just 2 minutes, Save hours daily
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1000 happy customers can't be wrong

Satisfaction Guarantee

60 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied