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HRMS for Healthcare

Improve your patient care through better HR processes

HRMS for Healthcare

Leave all your non-core HR activities to us while you focus on the important stuff

Keep your payroll TRUELY Confidential

When sensitive HR information is leaked, it can cause distrust and destruction of your company's culture.

Even HR managers can't be 100% trusted, we are all humans after all.

Keep all your information airtight when you handle your Payroll completely out of the company with us.

Save hours daily

Tracking cumbersome OT hours, commissions or even planning your shifts daily can take a toll on you and your managers. Save this precious time to focus on the things that really matter to your business while leaving this recurring and tedious operations to us.

Save money

Hiring a HR manager may be the biggest hiring cost in your company. Our payroll outsourcing is priced fairly at a starting price of 1/2 a typical qualified HR manager while delivering the same, if not BETTER accuracy.

Schedule your shifts in the way that no employee will be burnout

Lean manpower and consecutive shifts of long hours is common occurrence.

Plan your shifts in the way that every employee will have ample of rest before the next shift so they can deliver the best patient care.

Fully compliant payroll

Great medical professionals come from various countries which require adhering to different labour laws.

With Payboy, the compliance part to keep compliant payroll will no longer be a worry. Payboy is updated with changes to statutory requirements and labour laws automatically.

Reduction of paperwork

Crucial Paperwork are unavoidable in the healthcare setting.

But HR paper work can be avoided.

With the use of our HRMS, the amount of employee related paperwork will be largely reduced so that your professionals can focus on what they do best, helping patients.
You are our superheroes.
Let us bear the weight of your heavy HR staffing work while you focus on saving lives

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