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Payboy's Software helps you to take care of your essential HR processes, so that you can focus on the work which truly matters—bringing out the best in your people.
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Built with people.
Payboy is driven by the HR issues businesses face, the feedback on our HR Software Solutions, and a future where businesses can focus solely on bringing out the best in their people.

With various support avenues in place, we take feedback very seriously, to build an awesome software that our users love.
Built for people.
Payboy's intuitive HR Software platform is built for both employees and employers, to be used for digital submission of claims or quick check of payslip on the go or intensive planning work at the desk.

Payboy plays well with Xero, Financio and other app software integrations that you may already be using.
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  • Payboy is an amazing HR Software that has saved me and my team lots of time in handling HR matters. I use to spend an hour a month with the payroll and Payboy's amazing software shortened that to under 10 minutes!
    Ho Chang Jun, Founder
  • Using Payboy's HR Software saves me hours each month having to manually track payroll (and worse, pay fines to the government). It's easy to use, my staff rave about it and it's one of those softwares you never knew you needed until you start using it. Then you can't live without it after.
    Eugene Cheng,
  • It’s been a huge time-saver! We started off with using only the payroll function from the software and when we got the hang of it, we started exploring other software modules and functionalities within the system. We were pretty surprised that with some creativity, we managed to set up our own “flexible benefits” under the claims module. Saved us a lot of money and trouble!
    Jayden Soh, Director


100% compliant.
100% peace of mind.

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