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Salary slip template for employees in Singapore

Learn how to generate salary slips for your employees by understanding key insights and using our template to stay compliant with HR regulations in Singapore!
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Remuneration package guide for employers in Singapore

Explore key elements of a competitive remuneration package, insider tips, and CPF intricacies to set your company apart.
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Long Service Award (LSA) guide for employers in Singapore

Reward loyalty with Long Service Awards (LSAs). Our guide for Singapore employers covers basic concepts, best practices, and tax implications. Let’s enhance workplace morale and celebrate long-term commitment!
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Payboy x The Growth Project launches payroll services

Embark on a journey with Payboy and The Growth Project's latest offering: seamless, robust payroll services for businesses, now available as of June. Elevate your compliance standards while enhancing business efficiency!
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Employment Assistance Payment (EAP) guide for employers in Singapore

Understanding EAP helps employers ensure a smooth transition for their workforce, maintain compliance, and foster a supportive work environment. Read on to find out!
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Retirement & Re-employment guide for employers in Singapore

Explore retirement and re-employment in Singapore, including the legal framework, eligibility criteria, and the rights and obligations of both parties.
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Senior Employment Credit (SEC) guide for employers in Singapore

Learn more about the Senior Employment Credit and how to maximise the benefits for both employers and employees.
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Employment contract guide for employers in Singapore

In this guide, we'll unpack everything you need to know about employment contracts in Singapore, from their key components to legal requirements and best practices.
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Certificate of Employment (COE) guide for employers in Singapore

Learn everything about the Certificate of Employment (COE) for employers in Singapore. Discover its purpose, eligibility, required details, and get a free template!
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Letter of employment: Tips & Template

Unlock the ultimate employer's guide to a letter of employment in Singapore. Delve into its significance and implement best practices for a seamless onboarding experience for new hires.
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