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IR21 & Tax clearance guide for foreigners in Singapore

Keep up to date and compliant with Form IR21 and tax clearance requirements for your Non-Singapore Citizen employees!
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Rest day: A guide for employers in Singapore

Get all your rest day-related questions answered, including their significance, legal implications, and detailed calculations for rest day pay!
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Leave encashment calculation guide in Singapore

Learn the pros and cons of leave encashment, calculation methods, and implementation tips!
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Notice period: A guide for employers in Singapore

Learn how to manage your employees who are leaving with a smooth and positive transition!
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GST Increase 2024: A Guide for Singapore Companies

Prepare your business for the 2024 GST hike with our helpful checklist, common mistake avoidance tips, and more!
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Childcare leave: A guide for employers in Singapore

In this detailed guide, we tackle childcare leave FAQs to help you create a legally compliant and family-oriented workplace!
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Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) guide for SMEs in Singapore

Unlock your business growth with PSG! Find out more about the eligibility criteria, procedures, and tips for a successful PSG application.
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The Business Grants Portal (BGP) guide for SMEs in Singapore

Maximise your SME's potential by harnessing the power of grants for financial support! Learn what BGP is and how to apply for grants on BGP successfully.
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The Payroll Handbook: Essential Strategies and Best Practices

The eBook addresses common payroll pain points faced by HR professionals and offers essential strategies and best practices to optimise your processes.
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Paternity leave: A guide for employers in Singapore

We'll answer common questions regarding paternity leave and provide valuable insights so that you can better support your employees who are working fathers!
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