Hello I am Payboy!

Payboy is a HR Automation software that saves you time on essential HR activities.

Payboy improves productivity

Payboy reduces up to 80% of all administrative HR tasks across your workforce 
so everyone has more time performing in their roles

Payroll Module

Our payroll module keeps your compliant while you focus on growing your company

Leaves Module

How do you keep track of the leaves taken by your employees? Use our leaves module to do just that!

Claims Module

Still handling messy receipts? Are your employees over claiming without justification? Our claims module solves that!

Shift Scheduling

Managing multiple shifts can be tough. Our shift scheduling module allows employees to indicate availability and give you insights for easier shift planning!

Time attendance module

How many man-hours are lost everyday because of late attendance? 

Our fool-proof time attendance module can save those hours back!

Appraisal module

Supercharge your employee performance with our 360 appraisal ready appraisal software!

Flexible to any metric and multiple appraisal routes!

Using Payboy feels like Christmas!

The Payboy staff are very professional and quick at answering all my queries. They are dedicated to making such my problems are completely solved before closing the case.
Sometimes, they even notify me of the hiccups that I have made. Now that’s good customer service.

Using Payboy feels like Christmas!

Chang Jun

Managing Director, GRAM

Payboy has a local support and development team

We understand the HR needs of Singaporean businesses and we are quick to respond to HR policy changes in the industry
Payboy grew from a team of 4 hopeful individuals to a robust and enterprise-ready team of 20 people
Check out our feature on Vulcan Post

We not only stay relevant, we help you stay ahead of the upcoming 
business trends 

Payboy is highly involved in the HR Space to ensure our product is always up to date, you can always spot a Payboy on the floor or on the stage at most HR related events.
The payboy events team at Zomworks by SPH on how to manage freelance labour
Our paygirl Mabel, giving a talk on the latest HR trends and how solutions can enable businesses to tap on this trends
Our founder Nigel giving a talk on best HR practices to a crowd of
We even welcomed a lovely guest to our booth, it was a really humbling experience

We use our own solution as well!
Payboy HRMS gives us more time to create a great culture

What better way to back up a claim than to use it yourself and see it positively affect your workplace culture.
Our Payboys at our Annual Headhunter cup, a soccer tournament for HR professionals
And our clients had fun winning as well :)
Our founder Nigel losing a match of Marvel VS Capcom to our Developer Brandon

Ready to switch to Payboy? Great news!

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Companies with existing HR solutions can expect to save money  with this promotion.

*This promotion is headcount specific, Please check with your dedicated Payboy consultant for your special promotion code before purchase.
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