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5 tips to manage your global team with Payboy HR & payroll software!

If you're an employer in Singapore, then there's a good chance you have at least one employee working remotely. Managing a global team can be a challenge, but with the right tools in place, it can help you save hours on mundane tasks so that you can focus on your business and people.

Here at Payboy, 40% of our team are based outside of Singapore, in countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Here are 5 tips on how we use our very own software to manage our global team’s HR and payroll needs!

Manage claims digitally

With our claims management module, our remote employees can easily snap and submit receipts using our mobile app without worrying about losing their receipts or delayed approval with email submission. 

We are also able to track claims without worrying about anyone spending over budget, as it is possible to customise claim categories and claim limits based on roles and projects. 

Once approved, employee claims are then synced seamlessly with our accounting software which makes claims processing so much easier as it shows up in our remote employee's payroll item automatically!

Apply for leave digitally

Leave management can be a mess especially if approvals are done with no paper trails and there is no system to track leaves. With our leave management module, our remote employees can easily apply for leave, submit their supporting documents or medical certificates digitally, and check their leave balances on our web or mobile app.

Encashed or unpaid leave are also automatically updated in Payroll, which helps to save time from the manual calculations.

Take attendance digitally

Instead of submitting time sheets manually via email, our remote freelancers can just check in and check out of work on our mobile app with our Time Attendance module. Hours worked and overtime are then synced directly to Payroll, which helps to generate accurate payslips for our freelancers every payroll cycle without spending late nights doing the math.

Calculate payroll automatically

Both employers and employees get full visibility on how payroll is calculated automatically by our software based on shifts, attendance, leave and submitted claims, within an intuitive experience. This has definitely helped to provide clarity and therefore avoid any miscommunication when it comes to payroll matters.
Our payroll module is also fully integrated with some of the popular accounting softwares such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Financio, which has helped our finance team to save hours and reduce the likelihood of human error from manual uploading of payroll and claims data. Trust us that Payboy will keep your finance team happy!

Make global payment with PayBeyond

With PayBeyond powered by Rapyd, we are able to make global payments to our remote employees with really low transaction fees and high security. Our finance team can easily top up personalised wallet accounts for each employee whenever disbursement needs to be made. Like us, you can now grow internationally and remotely without worrying about payment.

We hope that you’ve found our tips helpful in managing your global team’s payroll and HR matters with Payboy. If you are keen to try out our HR and payroll software, please sign up for a demo below and we are happy to have a chat with you!

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