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Many currencies, one process.

Found the right developer in Malaysia and designer in Vietnam? PayBeyond allows you to make local and global payments through the same process.

Really high security...

Reduce data risk associated with unsecured bank
documents and file transmission with our Singular

... with really low transaction fees.

Have the freedom to hold your balance in SGD or MYR, and freely convert the balance at a lower exchange rate than traditional banking remittance.

Static wallet bank account.

Paybeyond comes with a static wallet bank
account number, so repeated top-ups to your wallet from Finance will be a breeze!
When you see this, Payboy lucky meow blesses you with good fortune

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

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What can I do with a PayBeyond

You can top up funds in SGD and USD and use it to pay your employees salaries denominated in our list of supported currencies. (Link to a table of currencies)

What if the currency that I want is not within Payboy’s list of supported currency?

You can make a request here with your required currency and expected volume.

What services does the PayBeyond offer?

  1. PayBeyond allows HR to process FAST / GIRO / PayNow transactions all with a single flow, providing a high degree of flexibility for employees to choose which payment mode they prefer to receive their salaries in. 
  2. All payouts will be tagged with a SALA code, allowing employees to enjoy the same benefits as they would for a normal GIRO payment ( if using GIRO mode of transaction for payout )
  3. PayBeyond provides a unique personalized bank account number, allowing for ease of repeated top-ups by Finance team.

Is PayBeyond licensed?

PayBeyond is powered by Rapyd, a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Is my money safe?

  1. Security is of the highest importance to us. Our web platform and app mirror the best-in-class security practices on the market.

  2. Your funds are safeguarded in trust. Your funds are kept strictly segregated in a trust account with a partner tier-1 bank which is safeguarded.

  3. Your data is secure. We implement the highest digital security encryption and access protocols. We also comply with personal data protection regulations in Singapore.

  4. Access is strictly restricted. Our platform is protected with a login that should be known only to yourself. Transactions also require 2 factor authentication with an industry accepted authenticator app.

  5. Accounts can be locked if compromised. Should you lose access or feel that your account has been compromised, please let us know immediately. We will lock your account until security has been re-established.


What are the limitations of PayBeyond?

  1. PayBeyond account supports the following receiving methods
    1. FAST/GIRO transfers in SGD
    2. International Transfers to be paid to our SWIFT account in SGD or USD
  2. PayBeyond supports the following payout methods
    1. FAST / PayNow in SGD
    2. GIRO coded with SALA in SGD
    3. International Transfers in the following currencies
  3. Unfortunately, PayBeyond do not support:
    1. Cash Deposit / Withdrawals
    2. Cheques

What are the account fees involved?

  1. There is an admin fee of $0.50 per transaction for Wallet top-up made locally
  2. Funds received from overseas may be subjected to administrative or exchange rate fees.
  3. There will not be annual fees or minimum balance fees imposed on the Wallet.

What are the transfer fees?

  1. FAST / PayNow payouts will be charged at $0.50 per transaction
  2. GIRO payouts will be charged at $0.20 per transaction
  3. Remittances will have a fixed fee and an admin fee component which is based on transaction volume.

Why do you have transfer fees?

  1. We have matched our local transfer fees to be similar to what you get from major local banks in Singapore.
  2. Remittance fees are transparently displayed to reflect the actual exchange rate provided by the network as well as fees which Payboy charges to upkeep the network.

What is special about PayBeyond?

  1. PayBeyond comes in various modes of control, allowing HR to have detailed reports of payments while Finance to have summarized reports for reconciliation.
  2. With a high level of integration, PayBeyond allows HR to disburse FAST and GIRO payments with a single workflow, simplifying payment processes and enhancing employee’s satisfaction.
  3. Protect your employee’s data by eliminating unnecessary GIRO file instructions to your bank.

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