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Payboy Stories: Good Job Creations leverages Payboy HR solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency

Are you frequently overwhelmed by HR responsibilities amidst your busy schedule as a business owner? Joshua Woo, General Manager at Good Job Creations, reflects on the challenges they faced before integrating Payboy into their operations. His experiences pave the way for a more in-depth understanding of how HR software can effectively reduce the burdens that SMEs face.

About Good Job Creations

Industry: Recruitment

Payboy partner since: Jan 2021

Established in 2006, Good Job Creations has grown from a small team to part of a growing organisation with global outreach. Their vision is to create opportunities for Asian talents in Singapore and across the region.

Committed to innovation and forward-thinking, Good Job Creations offers a comprehensive suite of recruitment services tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. From sourcing top talent across various industries to providing staffing solutions and handling HR and payroll matters, their team of consultants ensures seamless placements every step of the way. With Good Job Creations, excellence knows no bounds.

About Good Job Creations x Payboy experience

What problems were you trying to solve with Payboy?

Joshua (General Manager of Good Job Creations): Before using Payboy, we were using Excel sheets. I felt the pain of doing manual calculations and handling errors in payments, billings, CPF (Central Provident Fund), and payslips as they were not synced together. You know, there is a high rate of human error when using Excel. 

How have your operations changed since using Payboy HR and payroll software?

Joshua: When Payboy came into our operation, we had a lot of automation, which means our payroll staff has more time to check through. Operations will have more time to address all inquiries and requirements. 

Payboy personnel are extremely accommodating, even outside of normal business hours. They do not oversell. They look at what we really need and then rectify it with immediate effect.

How would you describe your experience with Payboy?

Joshua: The experience with Payboy has been fantastic. It is not just me; I have also heard it from consultants and colleagues. There were no qualms or complaints. Everyone is happy. 

I believe Payboy can meet the operational needs of small, medium, and large businesses in terms of payroll, leave, and time in and time out. It will benefit any corporation in Singapore or in the region.  

With Payboy, you can focus on the work that truly matters!

Through Joshua’s experience as a long-term partner of Payboy, we hope you have learned more about how our software can streamline your operations and improve efficiency on complex payroll and HR matters by utilising Payroll Processing, Leave Management, and Time Attendance modules!

With our wide range of modules, you can customise a solution to meet the specific needs of your business:

Payroll Processing | Leave Management | Claims Management | Applicant Tracking

Time Attendance | Shift Scheduling | Appraisal System | Inventory Management

Project Costing | Training Management | Benefits

You can also tap on the PSG grant as Payboy is a PSG-approved cloud-based human resource management system! Check out our FAQs on PSG Grant to find out more.

If you are keen to become a Payboy partner like Good Job Creations, contact us to explore partnership opportunities!

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