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First Business Advisory recommends Payboy as a simple and easy-to-use payroll and HR solution for SMEs

Do you, as a Small and Mid-sized Enterprise (SME) owner, frequently experience a sense of being burdened with payroll and HR responsibilities? We invited Yang, Director of First Business Advisory, to share how he has used Payboy to help his clients streamline and automate their HR processes. Read on to find out more! About First […]

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Payboy Stories: Payboy helps Furama Hotels International manage payroll and HR matters for over 400 employees

Are you curious if Payboy can handle the complex payroll and HR needs when there is a large pool of employees? We invited Karen, the Human Resource Manager of Furama Hotels International (FHI), to share her experience of using Payboy to seamlessly manage payroll and HR matters for more than 400 employees! About Furama Hotels […]

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Payboy Stories: CAP Advisory Group says goodbye to payroll headaches with the use of Payboy

Juggling payrolls for multiple clients can be a time-consuming task for an accounting firm, but it doesn't have to be! We invited Charles, Managing Director of CAP Advisory Group, to share his experience using Payboy to streamline payroll processing for all of his clients while freeing up valuable resources for his own team to focus […]

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Payboy Stories: 361 Degree Consultancy finds Payboy a reliable HR software that increases efficiency for SMEs

As a business owner, are you often fretting over HR tasks on top of other pressing matters? We asked Ken, Founder of 361 Degree Consultancy, to share his thoughts on why every SME owner should consider using a HR software as well as how Payboy is a reliable HR software that can help increase efficiency […]

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