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Payboy Stories: Payboy helps Furama Hotels International manage payroll and HR matters for over 400 employees

Are you curious if Payboy can handle the complex payroll and HR needs when there is a large pool of employees? We invited Karen, the Human Resource Manager of Furama Hotels International (FHI), to share her experience of using Payboy to seamlessly manage payroll and HR matters for more than 400 employees!

About Furama Hotels International

Industry: Hospitality

Employees: 400+

As one of the largest global hotel chains situated in Singapore, Furama Hotels International manages more than 60 hotels, villas, and resorts, offering over 7,500 rooms across the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

With an award-winning chain of mid-range hotels in this vibrant region, Furama hotels offer leisure and business travellers alike a well-appointed backdrop to indulge in restful play and invigorating work.

About Furama Hotels International x Payboy experience 

Joined Payboy since: Jun 2019

Modules used: Payroll Processing, Leave Management, Claims Management, Shift Scheduling, Appraisal System

What problems were you trying to solve when looking for HR software?

Karen (HR Manager at FHI): At Furama Hotels International (also known as Furama Hotel Group), we have over 400 staff who work together to deliver the best hotel experience to all our guests. A few years ago, we started searching for HR software to replace mundane tasks with technology so that our HR processes could be more productive and efficient. We needed a HR software that can handle the volume of staff we have, the working hours, various work rates, overtime, leaves, shifts, and a lot of other HR aspects. We also needed a cloud-based solution with a mobile experience so that our staff can access their own payslips or apply for leaves easily without needing a computer connected to the intranet to function.

What was your initial experience with Payboy like?

Karen: When we first spoke to Payboy, they were able to identify our pain points accurately and recommend the right solution for us. The whole process was very consultative and focused on the problems we were facing. In fact, the Payboy team set up a proof of concept for us really quickly, which helped our management make the decision to switch.

How has Payboy helped your company run more efficiently? What are some of the features that you find helpful about our software?

Karen: Payboy definitely saves time and eases our workload, especially in terms of handling a large volume of payroll and HR matters. I think Payboy is great for hotels that are looking to move from on-premise HR software to a cloud-based solution, as they can cater to all the features that we require. Here are some of the modules that my team and I find helpful:

  1. Payroll Processing: Customisable to fit complex payroll needs
    • We found the payroll processing module really helpful as our payroll can get quite complex with different shift allowances, overtime calculation, and claims payout. With Payboy, we can customise all that to fit our needs.
  2. Shift Scheduling: Faster shift planning with intuitive drag-and-drop templates
    • The payroll module is also integrated with the shift scheduling module, which enables our managers to plan shifts quicker with its intuitive drag-and-drop templates. The system also knows how many hours are scheduled per staff, allowing us to customise the allowance for specific shifts, and, more importantly, updates the payroll module automatically for the payroll calculation. 
  3. Performance Appraisal: Built to receive 360-degree feedback
    • I really like the performance appraisal module because it's built to receive 360-degree feedback. The historical appraisal is also stored so that we can do the comparison study easily. Additionally, we can access the bell curve from each department with just a click of the button. 

With Payboy, you can focus on the work that truly matters!

Through Karen’s experience as a long-term Payboy user, we hope you have learnt more about how our software can save your time on complex payroll and HR matters in the hospitality industry!

With our flexible selection of modules, you can tailor a solution to address the unique challenges faced by your business:

Payroll Processing | Leave Management | Claims Management | Applicant Tracking

Time Attendance | Shift Scheduling | Appraisal System | Inventory Management

Project Costing | Training Management | Benefits

You can also tap on the PSG grant as Payboy is a PSG-approved cloud-based human resource management system! Check out our FAQs on PSG Grant to find out more. If you are keen to explore Payboy, sign up for a demo below!

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