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Payboy Stories: CAP Advisory Group says goodbye to payroll headaches with the use of Payboy

Juggling payrolls for multiple clients can be a time-consuming task for an accounting firm, but it doesn't have to be! We invited Charles, Managing Director of CAP Advisory Group, to share his experience using Payboy to streamline payroll processing for all of his clients while freeing up valuable resources for his own team to focus on more high-impact tasks.

About CAP Advisory Group

Industry: Accounting

Employees: 18

CAP Advisory Group is a full-fledged accounting firm for emerging brands and businesses, providing a range of professional services, including corporate secretarial services, accounting and tax services, and advisory services. With 25+ years of industry experience in accounting and finance, it has served more than 300 SMEs and emerging startups across 20 industries since 2014.

About CAP Advisory Group x Payboy experience

Joined Payboy since: July 2019

Modules used: Payroll Processing, Leave Management, Claims Management, Appraisal System

What is the key challenge that you faced before using a HR software and how has Payboy helped to address this challenge?

Charles (Managing Director of CAP Advisory Group): Before our team started using Payboy, everything was on Excel. Payroll was quite a painful job for my finance department to handle and one of the critical issues that we faced was the verification of information. It therefore made a lot of sense for us to find a HR software that can help streamline the payroll management process in terms of verifying documents, and even approving claims and leaves.

Thanks to Payboy, it is now a lot easier to collect information because the documents to support the claims and leaves applications can be uploaded onto the app by the client’s employees themselves. And when we review the documents, we can just click a button and the documents will pop up for easy reference.

What are the features of Payboy that stand out to you?

Charles: I think one of the great things about Payboy is its user-friendly interface. Not only can we decentralise many functions, for example, claims and leaves management, onto the employees’ app, but we can also focus more on HR policies and devote more time to evaluating the team’s performance. Appraisal is a two-way process, so thanks to Payboy’s performance appraisal module, which supports 360-degree feedback, I also get to hear feedback from our team on my performance as a manager. These feedbacks are very important for us to continue growing as an organisation. 

What are the top 3 reasons that you’d recommend Payboy to your clients?

Charles: As part of our services, one of the things that we do for our clients is shop for good software solutions that can both cut their costs on certain functions and also meet their requirements. Payboy is definitely one of the softwares that we have recommended to many of our clients because of its simple interface, user friendliness, and employee decentralisation

With Payboy, you can focus on the work that truly matters!

Through Charles’ experience as a Payboy’s long-term partner and user, we hope you have learnt more about how our software can save your time on complex payroll and mundane HR tasks so that you can focus on high-impact HR matters to grow your team and business!

With our flexible selection of modules, you can tailor a solution to address the unique challenges faced by your business:

Payroll Processing | Leave Management | Claims Management | Applicant Tracking

Time Attendance | Shift Scheduling | Appraisal System | Inventory Management

Project Costing | Training Management | Benefits

You can also tap on the PSG grant as Payboy is a PSG-approved cloud-based human resource management system! Check out our FAQs on PSG Grant to find out more.

Find out how you can do it all with Payboy

Reach out to us if you are keen for a free demo on how we can help you save hours and give you some peace of mind on payroll and other HR matters so that you can focus on your business and people.
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