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March 14, 2024
Written by Payboy
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25 fun team building activities in Singapore

Are you ready to enhance teamwork and camaraderie in your workplace? Our guide is your go-to resource for 15 thrilling team-building activities in the lively city of Singapore, along with 10 activities tailored for remote teams. From exhilarating adventures to imaginative challenges, explore innovative ways to fortify connections and unleash your team's collective potential. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, these activities are designed to inspire collaboration, elevate morale, and forge enduring memories. Let the team-building adventure commence!

15 top-notch team building activities in Singapore

Team building activity #1: Sail away on a yacht!

Image credit: Tatler Asia

Get ready for an epic team building activity with a yacht day out in sunny Singapore! Dive into a day of watersports, sizzling BBQs, and karaoke fun that caters to everyone on your team. Spice it up by bringing your own BBQ feast and drinks to enjoy onboard the yacht!

Team size: Perfect for teams of 5 to 50 people. For larger squads, amp up the excitement by booking multiple yachts and anchoring them side by side!

Budget: Prices range from S$50 to $340 per person (excluding food and drinks), depending on your chosen yacht. Let the nautical escapade begin!

Team building activity #2: Picnic at the SIngapore Botanic Gardens

Image credit: Visit Singapore

Escape the hustle and bustle of the Singapore cityscape at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. With sprawling greenery, diverse flora and fauna, and captivating views, it's the ideal spot for leisurely team building activities in the afternoon. The best part? Entry is absolutely free! Seek shade in a charming gazebo or lay out cosy picnic mats under the sun for delightful feasts, and let your team's creativity run wild! For those culinary enthusiasts on the team, consider a potluck picnic, a delightful way to exchange homemade treats.

Team size: No limit

Pricing: Depends on the agenda

Website: Singapore Botanic Gardens

Team building activity #3: Graffiti Galore at Heaven Spot

Image credit: Heaven Spot Singapore Heaven Spot

Unleash your team's inner artists at Heaven Spot, where creativity knows no bounds! Get hands-on as you craft your very own team tag design, armed with two spray cans per person. Let your imagination run wild as you splash technicolour masterpieces across the walls, turning blank canvases into vibrant expressions of teamwork and creativity. Plus, capture every colourful moment with the quality photos provided to immortalise your graffiti adventure. It's a one-of-a-kind team building activity that promises unforgettable memories and endless fun!

Team size: 13 pax or more

Pricing: Depends on group size

Website: Heaven Spot Singapore 

Team building activity #4: Feel the adrenaline surge at Skyline Luge

Image credit: Skyline Luge Singapore

Elevate your team outing to new heights with the unforgettable thrill of Skyline Luge Singapore! Feel the adrenaline surge as you navigate the twists and turns of our gravity-fuelled Luge carts, racing your colleagues to the bottom. Choose your lane, revel in the exhilaration, and create lasting memories with your team in this ultimate adventure of real, heart-pounding fun! 

Team size: 20 people and above

Pricing: Depends on team size

Website: Skyline Luge Singapore

Team building activity #5: Unleash the inner warrior with Nerf Action at Marina Square

Image credit: Nerf Action Xperience

Who says Nerf guns are just for kids? Get an action-packed team-building experience at the Nerf Action Xperience arena in Marina Square, featuring a plethora of activity zones and challenges that promise a day filled with laughter and camaraderie. This atypical team-building event is undoubtedly one for the books, offering an unforgettable experience that fosters strong connections among team members.

Team size: No limit

Pricing: Depends on the group size

Website: Nerf Action Xperience

Team building activity #6: Feel the thrills with Go-Karting at the Karting Arena

Image credit: The Karting Arena

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience that promises squeals of delight from your entire team! Go-karting at the Karting Arena offers an exhilarating team building activity set in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. Watch as your team speeds down the track, feeling the excitement and gaining a taste of what it's like to be a Formula 1 driver.

Choose between two locations – the larger Jurong venue with 11 turns and a 700m track or the Bukit Timah location with a 500m track and 9 turns. It's time for some racing action, so don't forget to capture plenty of memorable moments.

Team size: Up to 400 pax

Pricing: Hourly rate starts from $2,500

Website: The Karting Arena

Team building activity #7: Laser Tag Excitement at FunEmpire HQ

Image credit: FunEmpire

This thrilling team building activity ensures there's never a dull moment, is suitable for players of all ages, and is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, day or night. Laser tag requires strategic thinking, teamwork, communication, and a touch of creativity to secure victory. The healthy competition between teams adds an extra layer of excitement.

For an elevated experience, a neon laser tag is available. Teams will battle in black-lit arenas adorned with fluorescent lights, creating a visually stunning backdrop for memorable group photos!

Team size: Minimum 8 pax, maximum unlimited

Pricing: Starts from $15 per pax

Website: FunEmpire

Team building activity #8: Hilarious bubble soccer experience

Image credit: Bubble Soccer Singapore

Picture traditional soccer, but with an extraordinary twist – players have oversized, inflatable bubbles enveloping their upper bodies and heads. Designed for all ages, bubble soccer guarantees maximum fun and enjoyment. Whether you're navigating the field or simply bouncing around, the laughter and camaraderie are bound to make this experience unforgettable. Step into the whimsy and get ready for a game that goes beyond the ordinary – it's soccer like you've never played before!

Team size: Perfect for teams of 5 to 50 people.

Pricing: Depends on the team size

Website: Bubble Soccer Singapore

Team building activity #9: Embracing nature with DIY Terrariums

Image credit: Seek Sophie

Have a delightful team building activity with the art of crafting your own terrariums. Perfect for teams of all skill levels, this inclusive activity allows you to green up your surroundings while creating a mini garden to adorn your home or office space.

Discover the therapeutic joy of building and maintaining your personalised terrarium. It's not just an engaging team activity; it's a chance to bring the soothing presence of nature into your workspace.

Team size: Up to 30 people.

Pricing: From S$ 38 per person (minimum spend S$ 380)

Website: Seek Sophie

Team building activity #10: Concoct bespoke scent at a perfume workshop

Image credit: Oo La Lab

Need a calmer team building activity? Down to a sensory adventure as you blend fragrances, concocting bespoke scents that reflect your unique imagination. This experience isn't just about crafting perfumes; it's a journey of connection and bonding. Share laughter, experiment with different notes, and deepen bonds with your team as you unlock the power of scent.

Team size: 5-60 pax in one go; max. 10 group sessions per day

Pricing: refer to this brochure

Website: Oo La Lab

Team building activity #11: Unlock the inner ninja with Ninja Tag

Image credit: Fun Empire

Join forces with your colleagues and friends to conquer thrilling missions and plot your path to victory in close combat like never seen before. Armed with state-of-the-art Ninja daggers, duel with your peers in exhilarating challenges that will test your agility, strategy, and teamwork. This team building activity goes beyond the ordinary, providing a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds and an unforgettable journey where collaboration meets combat.

Team size: Start from 8 Pax - unlimited pax

Pricing: Start from S$25 per pax

Website: Fun Empire Ninja Tag

Team building activity #12: Spark creativity with pottery class

Image credit: CocoArt

Let’s get rejuvenated and reconnect together with your team through pottery class, set in a comfortable indoor environment that provides the ideal setting for team interaction and the exploration of hidden creativity among team members. Pottery, with its exciting and imaginative nature, rekindles our creative spirit and breaks free from mental boundaries. Its wellness benefits are well-documented, making it a perfect avenue for team building activities.

Team size: Up to 40 persons

Pricing: Start from $88 per pax

Website: CocoArt Pottery Class

Team building activity #13: Pasta party making at the Sundowner Singapore


Image credit: The Sundowner Singapore

Transform your team building activity into a delightful pasta party making experience! Explore the world of pasta crafting, where your team will learn the art of preparing fresh pasta from scratch. From kneading the dough to shaping the perfect pasta strands, every step is a collaborative adventure. With an array of fresh ingredients and toppings at your disposal, unleash your creativity and savour the delicious dishes you've cooked up together!

Team size: Flexible

Budget: Depends on the team size

Website: The Sundowner Singapore

Team building activity #14: Archery time with your team

Image credit: Salt & Light Archery

Get ready for an exciting time of archery with your team and unleash your inner Robin Hood! Led by experienced instructors, this 2-hour session will teach you the art of shooting arrows with precision. To add a competitive edge, engage in a thrilling mini-competition where the winning team earns a coveted prise! Choose between a semi-open or indoor archery range, catering to both sport enthusiasts and those seeking indoor comfort.

Team size: Up to 70 people.

Budget: Depends on the team size

Website: Salt & Light Archery

Team building activity #15: Expressive splat painting

Image credit: Splat Paint House

Prepare for an unforgettable team building experience as you dive into the world of splat painting! This unique twist on art jamming invites your team to get messy, express themselves freely, and play with paint in an unconventional way. Looking for an elevated one? Opt for UV splat painting to express all the work stress and get swayed with laughter with the teams. Channel your inner artist side and splatter like a master on the canvas. It's a creative adventure that promises a vivid and memorable masterpiece!

Team size: Up to 28 pax

Budget: Depends on the team size

Website: Splat Paint House

10 team building activities for remote teams

In today's increasingly digital world, remote work is becoming more common than ever. But just because your team is spread out doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of team building activities. In fact, virtual team building activities are a great way to bring remote teams together and foster a sense of camaraderie and connection.

Discover the top choices in Singapore for an exceptional remote team building experience:

  1. Virtual terrarium making

Unleash your creativity in this virtual experience, where you'll craft your own miniature ecosystem. Perfect for team building and individual enjoyment.

  1. Virtual cocktail workshop

Shake things up with a virtual cocktail-making session. Learn mixology skills, bond with colleagues, and enjoy your crafted concoctions together.

  1. Virtual bento making workshop

Discover the art of crafting beautiful and delicious bento boxes virtually. A unique team-building activity that combines creativity and culinary skills.

  1. Virtual escape room

Challenge your team's problem-solving skills with a virtual escape room experience. Work together to unravel mysteries and complete missions from the comfort of your own space.

  1. Virtual tote bag jamming

Infuse your tote bag with personal flair in this virtual jamming session. A fun and artistic team-building activity that results in unique, customised tote bags.

  1. Virtual leather workshop

Dive into the world of virtual leather crafting. Create personalised leather items and enjoy a unique team-building experience.

  1. Virtual candle making workshop

Illuminate your virtual space with creativity. Join a virtual candle-making workshop to craft your own candles and share the experience with your team.

  1. Virtual soap making workshop

Learn the art of making customised soaps and enjoy a sensory team-building experience.

  1. Virtual scented stick diffuser workshop

Engage your senses in a virtual workshop crafting scented stick diffusers. A delightful and aromatic team-building activity.

  1. Virtual flower resin coaster making

Combine nature and art virtually by creating flower resin coasters. A visually stunning team-building experience that brings the beauty of flowers into your workspace.

5 tips to plan great team building activities for your company

Team-building activities have the power to foster collaboration, boost morale, and create lasting bonds among team members. However, the success of these activities lies in thoughtful planning and execution. Here are five essential tips to ensure your team-building activities are not only enjoyable but also achieve their intended objectives.

Tip #1: Set clear goals

Before you start planning, think about what you want to achieve with your team building activities. Whether it's improving communication, building trust, or celebrating achievements, having clear goals will help guide your planning and implementation process.

Tip #2: Consider your team

Take the time to consider the interests and preferences of your team members. What do they enjoy doing? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Tailoring your activities to suit your team will ensure that everyone has a great time and gets the most out of the experience.

Tip #3: Choose your best fit activities

There's no shortage of team building activities out there, so choose wisely. Look for activities that are inclusive, promote teamwork, and align with your company's culture and values.

Tip #4: Create the rundown and the details

Once activities are selected, provide your team with a comprehensive rundown. Clear instructions and guidelines are essential to ensuring that everyone knows what is expected of them, fostering a sense of comfort and participation.

Tip #5: Sum up the evaluation

Finally, be sure to follow up with feedback and reflection sessions after your team building activities. These sessions provide valuable insights into what worked well and areas that could be improved. Evaluating the outcomes allows for continuous improvement in future team-building initiatives.

As we draw the curtain on this exploration of 25 captivating team-building activities in Singapore, we hope you are armed with inspiration to transform workplace dynamics. From thrilling adventures to creative challenges, the vibrant city offers a myriad of opportunities to strengthen bonds, boost morale, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Remember, the success of team-building activities lies not just in the activities themselves, but in thoughtful planning and alignment with your team's unique profile. Consider their interests, strengths, and preferences, and tailor your choices accordingly.

Now, armed with these ideas, go ahead and plan your next team-building adventure in Singapore. Here's to forging stronger connections, fostering collaboration, and achieving new heights of success together! Cheers to a more united and empowered team!

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