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With the Digi-TAC programme, Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) can now depend on pre-approved vendors such as Payboy to adopt digital solutions with up to 70% funding support. Read on to find out if you are eligible for Digi-TAC and how to apply!

What is the Digitalisation of TACs (Digi-TAC) programme?

Jointly led by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and SGTech, the Digitalisation of TACs (Digi-TAC) programme aims to support TACs to digitalise and adopt solutions to remain relevant. 

Digi-TAC will support TACs in two areas:

(a) Adoption of digital solutions to improve and boost capabilities in key corporate functions; and

(b) Training of TAC secretariat staff to equip them with foundational digital capabilities to enable them to support their respective industries and members.

A list of pre-approved solutions and training courses has also been curated to help TACs find a reliable, market-proven and cost-effective solution in functions such as Human Resource, Accounting Management, Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

How long does the Digi-TAC programme last?

Eligible TACs can apply to participate in Digi-TAC from 1 August 2022 to 31 July 2025. Applications will be evaluated and are subject to approval.

How much funding support will Digi-TAC applicants receive?

TACs will receive 70% support on qualifying costs under the Digi-TAC programme.

The grant amount allocated to each TAC is $60,000 throughout the three-year programme period, with an annual grant cap of $30,000 per programme year. Eligible TACs will have their annual grant cap refreshed at the start of the next programme year (1 August of every year).

What are the eligibility criteria to join Digi-TAC?

The Digi-TAC programme is open to all TACs that are registered as a Trade Association or Chamber of Commerce under ACRA or ROS. TACs don’t have to be a member of SBF to apply.

TACs can apply for Digi-TAC if they meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a Trade Association or Chamber of Commerce registered with the Registry of Societies or ACRA;
  • Must represent the business interests of (a) trade(s) or industry sector(s) whose members are operating in or from Singapore;
  • Has a Management Committee or Board or Council overseeing the activities of the TAC;
  • Operating full-time from Singapore in a proper office set-up located in a commercial building or equivalent and has a local telephone number;
  • Has at least three full-time salaried employees working in the TAC;
  • Has at least 50 members with at least 75% of them being SMEs;
  • Has not obtained other funding from government agencies for a similar project; and
  • Has not installed up-to-date equipment and/or solutions for the digital capabilities that TAC is applying for support under this programme within the past three (3) years.

How to apply for Digi-TAC?

TACs can first get a quotation from the preferred pre-approved vendor from the list of pre-approved solutions and training courses and submit the application via this online form

What is the expected processing time for the application?

The processing time for the Digi-TAC application may take up to 1 month once the full documents are received. 

What happens after the application is approved?

If your application is approved:

  1. SBF will email you the Letter of Offer which will include key details of your project.
  2. Upon receiving your Letter of Offer, you will need to send SBF your signed Letter of Acceptance which will be attached at the end of your Letter of Offer.
  3. Once SBF has received your signed Letter of Acceptance, you may embark on your Digi-TAC project with your selected vendor.

How to submit claims for Digi-TAC?

The TAC is required to submit a one-time claim for the Digi-TAC Programme to SBF along with the required supporting documents, including but not limited to:

  • proof of payment of at least 30% of the adoption cost to the vendor,
  • proof of attendance of training by at least two secretariat staff attending the pre-approved digital training courses, and 
  • project sign-off document, which is a written declaration to certify the satisfactory completion of the Project.

Tap on Digi-TAC and streamline your HR processes with Payboy today!

As a pre-approved vendor of the Digi-TAC programme, Payboy provides a robust system to help you manage your HR tasks so that you can focus on your business and people!

With our wide range of modules, you can customise a solution to meet the specific needs of your business:

Payroll Processing | Leave Management | Claims Management | Applicant Tracking

Time Attendance | Shift Scheduling | Appraisal System | Inventory Management

Project Costing | Training Management | Benefits

What are the benefits of using Payboy as your preferred HR and payroll software?

  1. 100% compliant and 100% peace of mind
    • Forget about payroll calculations, CPF contributions and IR8A submissions. Our software will automatically calculate them for you and keep you compliant with the latest regulations from MOM, CPF and IRAS.
  2. Covers any work arrangement
    • Working with full timers, part timers, freelancers and contract staff? We’ll take care of the unique payroll requirements for each working arrangement.
  3. Transparent, Accurate and Simple
    • Full visibility on how payroll is calculated automatically based on shifts, attendance, leave and submitted claims, within an intuitive experience.
  4. Fully integrated with your preferred platforms
    • We’ll fit into your ecosystem seamlessly and keep your finance team happy. Learn more about our seamless integration with Xero, Financio, and Quickbooks.

Find out how you can do it all with Payboy

Reach out to us if you are keen for a free demo on how we can help you save hours and give you some peace of mind on payroll and other HR matters so that you can focus on your business and people.
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